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Terms and conditions

Car rental terms and conditions

Rental terms and conditions

1. Booking

A booking order is considered confirmed when Easy Car Rent OÜ has issued an order confirmation to the hirer's e-mail. When concluding a rental agreement and when picking the vehicle up at the point of the hire the hirer is obliged to present a previously printed copy of the order confirmation. Easy Car Rent OÜ is not obliged to supply the hirer with a vehicle if the client does not present an order confirmation. Easy Car Rent OÜ reserves the right to leave an order unconfirmed if it does not have available cars. To ensure your order will be fulfilled, we ask you to submit your order through Easy Car Rent OÜ's homepage early, advisably by no later than 1 (one) working day before the start of the rental period. Upon booking, Easy Car Rent OÜ may require a prepayment or deposit up to the entire amount of the order.

2. Rental terms

To rent a vehicle, the hirer is required to agree to the terms and conditions set by Easy Car Rent OÜ in this document. Rental terms and conditions will be displayed on Easy Car Rent OÜ's homepage when submitting an order and may be consulted before the final submission of the order. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the hirer confirms that they have familiarized themselves with all of the terms and conditions, have understood and agreed to them. If the hirer does not agree to whichever point of the terms and conditions set by Easy Car Rent OÜ, they must discontinue submitting a booking. Easy Car Rent OÜ reserves the right to change the current sales terms and conditions and prices. The order is bound by the terms and conditions applying at the time of submitting the order.

3. Rental period

Rental prices are based on 24-hour periods. If a vehicle is rented for less than 1 (one) day, the price for a 24-hour rental period must be paid. If returning the vehicle is delayed by more than 30 minutes, it is considered as an extension of the rental period by one rental day.

4. Documents presented upon concluding the rental agreement

To conclude a rental agreement, the following documents are needed:

  • Driving license
  • Passport or ID-card
  • A valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard)

The credit card must be valid for at least three months after the end of the rental agreement. The security deposit amount will be reserved from the credit card.

For driving licenses issued outside the European Union, you may need an international driving licence in addition to the national license.

If you are not sure whether your national driving license is valid in Estonia or not, we ask you to inform us of this matter when booking the vehicle to avoid later misunderstandings. If your national driving license is not valid in Estonia and you do not have an international driving license, we are unable to supply you with a vehicle. To look up if and under what circumstances your driving license is valid in Estonia, you can visit the Estonian Road Administration website.

5. Driver's age limit and driving experience

The driver must be at least 21 years old and must have driving experience amounting to at least 2 years.

6. Payments

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit card
  • Credit card (VISA or MasterCard)

According to international practice and depending on various factors such as vehicle class, rental period, chosen insurance coverage, etc. Easy Car Rent OÜ may reserve a security deposit from the credit card in the amount from €150 upon the conclusion of a rental agreement and issuing the vehicle. The amount reserved from the credit card will be returned during no later than 3 working days after the vehicle has been returned in the same condition as it was when issued.

7. Picking up, delivering and returning the vehicle

Picking up or returning the vehicle outside of Easy Car Rent OÜ's rental offices is possible only with prior agreement and within the city limits. There is an additional fee starting from €10, which is added to the rental fee.

Picking up or returning the vehicle outside Easy Car Rent OÜ's rental office working hours is possible only with prior agreement. There is an additional fee starting from €10, which is added to the rental fee.

8. Booking cancellations

If the hirer cancels their booking less than 1 (one) working day before the start of the rental period or fails to notify of their cancellation, Easy Car Rent OÜ has the right to demand from the client a contractual penalty in the amount of the fee for a single rental day for the vehicle under question.

9. Insurance

The rental fee includes motor vehicle insurance and accident insurance.

Costs for damages occurred due to infringement of insurance terms and conditions or the hirer's unlawful conduct are carried by the hirer in their entirety which is not covered by the insurance (incl. deductibles).

Easy Car Rent OÜ offers the possibility to buy supplementary insurance to lessen the deductible of an insurance case. Choose the suitable insurance coverage when booking a vehicle on Easy Car Rent OÜ's homepage or ask for an insurance proposal from the customer service representative when picking up the vehicle.

10. Distance travelled

When renting a vehicle, the following daily travelling distance limitations apply:

  • 300 km per day and 3000 km per month for passenger cars
  • 400 km per day and 4000 km per month for minibuses

An additional fee on €0.1 per km is applied upon exceeding the limitations.

11. Fuel

The rental vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel as it was supplied with (Same to same, Full to full). If there is less fuel upon returning the car than there was at the beginning of the rental, the hirer must pay for the missing fuel and refuelling a service fee of €2.40 per litre of fuel. Min refuelling fee is €20.

As an additional service, it is possible to hire a car with a full fuel tank and return it with an empty one. The additional cost for refuelling, in that case, is €0 and the cost of the fuel is paid for on the spot when concluding the agreement as per the capacity of the tank and the current fuel prices (the probable cost of the fuel ranges from €45 – €100).

12. Region of use, crossing borders

It is permitted to use the rental vehicle only in the region previously agreed upon in the agreement. Easy Car Rent OÜ may charge additional fees when borders are crossed.

13. Other terms and conditions of vehicle use
  • With the rental vehicle, it is not permitted to participate in races, give driving lessons, tow, pull a trailer or use it in any other way that is not directly related to transporting people and luggage.
  • Smoking inside vehicles is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this prohibition results in a €200 fine.
  • After concluding the rental agreement, the responsibility for the vehicle documentation is also transferred to the client. It is forbidden to leave vehicle documents in the vehicle.
  • Keep the vehicle closed, locked and under alarm at all times when not in the vehicle. Keep the rental vehicle keys and documents under your control. When leaving the vehicle, remove GPS devices and other loose items.
  • Notify the police immediately in case of theft, robbery or accident.
  • Notify the lessor immediately if difficulties emerge in possessing and using the vehicle, if the vehicle is stolen, gets damaged or in case of any other insurance case. Keep in mind that for 72 hours after returning the vehicle you are liable for revealed damages and shortcomings that could not be identified during the primary visual inspection.
  • The hirer is fully responsible for their traffic transgressions and is obliged to inform the lessor of all unpaid traffic fines when returning the vehicle. In case of unreported and unpaid traffic fines the hirer is obliged to pay all fines and pay an additional processing fee of €50.
14. Other additional costs
  • Loss or damage of vehicle documentation, key, registration number or accessory equipment €200 – €500
  • Special cleaning of the vehicle starting from €35
  • Refuelling with the wrong fuel – actual costs + processing fee of €300
15. Jurisdiction

Rental terms and conditions and the rental agreement are under the jurisdiction of the European Union (EU). If upon disagreements no mutual agreement is reached, the disagreement is solved by a court of the domicile of Easy Car Rent OÜ.

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